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For over 25 years, Cost Management Consultants has provided business clients with turnkey advice on how to obtain the balance of high quality and reasonably low expense in the management of their IT/Telecom and Utility costs. This is obtained by an assessment of the needs of the business, along with the performance of a telephone and energy billing audit, in which billing errors by the service providers are uncovered and recommendations are made, designed to optimize savings without sacrificing quality or efficiency. It is our goal to assist our client in making informed consent decisions regarding their IT/Telecom and Utilities expense.

With Cost Management Consultants, your IT/Telecom and Utility Audits are performed off- site, with little or no involvement from your company staff. This enables you to conduct your daily business functions while we work behind-the-scenes to obtain refunds, credits and cost-savings for you.

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Clients & Partners

Who We Work With

Our professionalism has established us as an industry leader. Through our strategic partnerships, we take pride in being able to tailor our services to meet the wide range of specific needs and programs of each client. Our focus is to build long-term relationships.

Our clients include leaders in their industries and top brands throughout the United States including 3M, Avery Dennison, Blue Cross, Delta Airlines, Foot Locker, Jones of New York, Nationwide Insurance, Pep Boys, Polaris, ReMed, Waste Management and many others...

What Our Clients are Saying

"I was delighted when your review of our past invoices uncovered a refund in excess of $30,000....and projected savings of $60,000 annually.... The audit was a relatively painless experience for us. Your staff is top-notch and always eager to answer our questions. As a result, I look forward to a continuing relationship with Cost Management Consultants."

William W.
Vice President for Technology and Engineering Administration
WHYY Public Radio and TV


" a specialized hospital with a limited budget, the refunds and savings improved our cash flow, allowing us to do many other important things for our children. Your firm reduced our monthly costs for a total of $38,000 while still maintaining the quality of service."

Paul G.
V.P. Finance
Children's Seashore House


Cost Management Consultants is more than just cost reduction

When your company needs to bring overhead costs under control, your profitability is on the line. You can trust Cost Management Consultants to do this for you. We take the time to understand your company and its needs. We obtain the right services and vendors for your team to maximize productivity and cost savings.